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The earth laughs in flowers,’ wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. I love that image, and I would include all plants. Apart from celebrating the prolific beauty of earth’s foliage, this also proclaims how vibrant and vital, how strong and life-giving laughter is. Look at trees! Viewed in this artistic way, they burst from the their firm foundations to lofty heights in spectacular spurts. Leaves glisten in the light, and branches dance in the breeze.

All of nature is not only a feast for the eyes, it is a delightful symphony. It is music waiting to be played – no, already streaming for those with eyes to hear, and ears to see.

Animals have been released from those moorings. That includes us humans too. We are free to move. So what do we do?  We can either plod along, or leap and frolic. Each step we take is an act of faith that the earth will accept us back, and let us go again. With such freedom what responsibility! Do you laugh and dance for pure joy daily? Laughter is the universal song that anyone can, and everyone must sing to grace this place, our home we call earth.

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