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David wrote ‘Breathe Play Laugh’ because Breath, Play & Laughter are the three basics of wellbeing.

Do you want to release your inner creative, your spirit of play and lift your laughter level? How about living longer and stronger?

Discover how to breathe, play and laugh your way to lasting health and wellness.

Be the star of your own story!

‘Breathe Play Laugh’ is full of simple tips and strategies.

You create your own daily dose of the powerful antidote to deal with the tsunami of information and stress every day.

You’ll find the motivation to move more by enjoying the three basics, Breathe, Play, Laugh. Breathe right, play right and laugh right!His Presentations and Programs target Stress and Change Management, plus Personal Transformation. 

He Conducts Courses in Workplace Wellness and Coaches individuals for Personal Wellbeing,

David is a member of the international Associations for Applied & Therapeutic Humour, Applied Improvisation Network, and The National Speakers Association.

He is a Certified Laughter Leader and Teacher, and Coordinator of the SA Laughter Clubs. He was a Clown Doctor in his local team for over 16 years, and is married with three children.

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