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David Cronin :- Workshops

Coaching & Workshops for workplace wellness and personal wellbeing. Play, fun and laughter are generated for lasting results in Stress and Change Management, Teamwork, Innovation and Resilience. A range of techniques are utilised including Positive Psychology, Applied Improvisation, Story-Showing and Laughter Yoga.

Sessions have 3 stages :-

Practical, Experiential Participation

Principles and Patterns Identification

Prolongation – Applying and Embedding these

Workplace Wellness

You and I would be a good fit for your Wellness if you care to :-

  • Optimise relationships and deepen connections  
  • Communicate effectively and with clarity.
  • Gain increased physical, mental and emotional wellness
  • Empower your teams with creative initiative
  • Reinforce your company ethos
  • Reduce absenteeism & staff turnover
  • Mental illness is the leading cause of sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in Australia
  • Up to $12 billion is lost to Australian businesses each year
  • 1 in 6 Australian workers are experiencing mental ill-health in any year
  • The average cost for a successful psychological injury claim is now over $250,000


Source: Black Dog

The good news is companies that improve their workplaces and invest time, resources and money into their employees’ mental wellness are likely to expect a return of $2.30 for every one dollar invested.”  – Price Waterhouse Cooper 2014

As well as a financial return, mentally healthy workplaces enjoy increased employee engagement which is great for productivity and the

Group Sessions- Investment :-

Personal Coaching

You and I would be a good fit for your Wellness if you care to release your inner creative, your spirit of play and lift your laughter level, to strengthen and nurture your wellbeing.

And how about living longer and stronger?

- Breath, Play & Laughter are the basics of wellbeing.

- Rediscover yourself and how to breathe, play and laugh your way to lasting health and wellness.

- Be the star of your own story!

- Your story shapes your values and vision. We use simple, powerful strategies to create your own daily dose of the antidote for the information and stress sunami.

- You’ll find the motivation to move more by enjoying these three basics.

-Breathe right, play right and laugh right!


1×1 Coaching- Investment :-

Serious Play for adults involves as many as eight ‘Play Personalities’.

For example we all know about competitive play, but do we consider that all our creative activities are also forms of play?

-We explore which of these personalities apply to you, along with the 16 Character Archetypes, and the 4 Core Stories.

-Creating your own story brings self-integration. You discover your values, vision and purpose in your personal, community and corporate spheres.


Why Clown Around for Business Development?

The Clown is a:

  1. Calculated Risk Taker
  2. Improviser
  3. Accepter of Failure & Change.
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