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“Be the star of your own story. Breathe right, play right and laugh right to make every facet of your life fulfilling and fun.”


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Thank you for customising such a great session with our team. Having undertaken a full session personally, I felt the condensed content delivered on our PD day gave my team a range of mechanisms and tools to be able to deal with work and life challenges.  Your ability to get group participation and make a difference to the lives of the group was fantastic. They still talk about the laughter yoga, inventing all sorts of new HA HA HA, Ho Ho HO. Thanks for making a difference.

May 2015 – Judy Timperon EFT Practitioner

David Cronin was a guest entertainer at our Emotional Freedom Technique retreat. David's entertainment was a real highlight of the evening, with everybody laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves - setting a good theme for our evening together after a day of concentration. Laughter has a very real healing power. It soothes the stress response, releases endorphins and boosts the immune system. David explains this easily and simply and all participants enjoyed his hilarious and unexpected antics. Laughter literally bubbled out of his audience. I recommend David as an entertainer for any conference, party or gathering which requires some lightness, fun and laughter.

July 2013 – Westpac

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‘I help people to nurture and strengthen their Wellbeing. You rediscover yourself, release and reduce stress so you can focus on the people and things you love.’

”Shift Happens!” Laughter predates language and it is still our best way to connect and communicate.

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